The K-12 Partnership Report Newsletter

A free newsletter for education and community leaders on building successful partnerships and school/district foundations

In January 2009, DeHavilland Associates launched The K-12 Partnership Report, a newsletter providing practical information to education, business, and community leaders interested in building strong and sustainable partnerships. KPR offers original content ten times per year (monthly except June and December), with each issue offering practical, actionable information including case studies, how-to articles, research reviews, news from the field, resource summaries, and interviews with thought leaders in the field.

DeHavilland Associates published this newsletter for three years; a complete set of archived issues in PDF format can be found here. For those wishing to find current news and insights on the role of partnerships in building career and college pathways initiatives, subscribe to Engage.Connect., here.




The Best of KPR
Over the past two and a half years, we've published dozens of case studies, interviews with thought leaders, how-to articles, and more. A few of our favorites:

  • Operation Excellence: Case study of a business/education partnership in Montgomery County, MD where business leaders acted as consultants on district operations (Feb. 2009)
  • Building Partnerships: What the Research Says (May 2010)
  • Can Your Partners and Donors Find You?: A review of the top district websites (Sept. 2010)
  • Building a Statewide Partnership Association: from the leader of FAPE in Florida (May 2011)

Note that all past issues are available in PDF format; visit the site to download them and to sign up to receive future issues.

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