Who We Are

DeHavilland Associates serves the field of community/school partnerships in two ways: as a strategic consulting firm and as an information provider.

Consulting Services
The company works with business, districts, nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies to help them create strong and sustainable partnership initiatives that meet their own objectives and the needs of all stakeholders. Services include market research and analysis, strategic planning, partnership development, campaign implementation and management, marketing and outreach, and evaluation.

Information Provider
DeHavilland Associates supports partnership practitioners by providing news and information on effective partnership development. Key initiatives include:

  • The K-12 Partnership Report, a subscription-based newsletter with original reporting on effective partnership programs, how-to articles, industry news, interviews with though leaders, and more.
  • On-site training, conducted at various locations by client request; DeHavilland Associates has a range of available presenters based on audience need..
  • The Business/Education Partnership Forum, a clearinghouse for anyone interested in learning to build effective partnerships. This clearinghouse offers news, links to resources, a directory of organizations, and a monthly newsletter.
  • Guides and research, including administrator briefings, guides on program development, results of national surveys and more.
  • Webinars on various aspects of building effective partnerships, inlcuding an annual fall series and tailored sessions developed for clients interested in professional development.
  • Conferences and major events like the Effective Education Partnership Conference and original local or state events created on behalf of its clients.

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